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Why Z Plus

Why Z Plus

Why to choose only ZPLUS HOLIDAYS as your package tour solutions partner , we would like to request you to pay your kind attention here as mentioned below:

  1. The team of young , dynamic , technically experienced professionals with expertise in TOURISM INDUSTRY.
  2. The own team of approved, certified and recognized GUIDES & ESCORTS by GOVT. of INDIA.
  3. Registered with many concerned depts., associations In INDIA.
  4. Own travel related web portals to serve the best affordable deals anywhere , anytime basis.
  5. An ISO 9001:2008 & 27001:2005 Certified org. , just to prove you that how much we are taking care of QUALITY of its all types of HOSPITALITY SERVICES and as well as just to achieve total GUEST’s confidence & satisfaction. ( it’s the main requirement of ISO 9001:2008 –QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) and the most important & proud here is : it’s the INDIA’s First ISO 27001:2005 certified org. – which commits & honestly declares that the ZPLUS HOLIDAYS is fully responsible to maintain all your secrecy and complete security about all your provided informations ,docs & other data in our personal discussion.

( it’s the main requirement of ISO 27001:2005 –INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM)

  1. Its powered & managed by the well known & proved name : QS GROUP OF ORG. from the field of MANAGEMENT WORLD with an highly qualified team of technically experts, since 1999.
  2. We design & deliver your own personal itinerary of your HOLIDAY PACAGES by knowing your requirements deeply and meeting your precious expectations through proper consultation about the journeys as your dream holidays, guaranteed. This is our speciality.
  3. The special type of value added supporting service in the name as : 24Hrs.GUEST HELP, here you can feel yourselves as KING –QUEEN , its optional service as it has a minor affordable extra charge to avail this special facility. In short : we support & assist you 24hrs basis as our major responsibility , till you reach back with complete safety to your own destination.
  4. No mis-commitments are made here in ZPLUS HOLIDAYS.
  5. No hidden costs / charges can be seen & found in any of package tours deal with ZPLUS HOLIDAYS. If declared means, DECLARED, no “*” in any deal.
  6. Very polite & experienced helping hands of our own associate network for all our honorable GUESTs as supporting services during their onwards journeys . its strictly managed by ZPLUS under own QUALITY HANDLING CRITERIA .


Other reasons are in process and will be updated here with evidences (when achieved), rest you can feel & experience all above –when you finally choose us as your HOLIDAYS partner.


Our main motive is just to provide & serve the most economical & affordable package tour solutions for everyone, anytime, anywhere, across the world, especially in INCREDIBLE INDIA .

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Z Plus
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