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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. We will not be liable & responsible for any type of theft during your holidays by any meant. Its advised you to keep your all precious items, money / currency , docs , Jewellary etc in safe custody with you always .
  2. We will not be responsible for any type of sudden bad health during travelling / holidays etc. please take care of you & your loving according to the situations & climates anytime.
  3. You have to pay the applicable service tax on total invoicing-when you need.
  4. We will not be responsible for any type of body loss / harm / injury during your travelling / holidays . its always advised you to please take care of you personally with all aspects and any of emergency situations.
  5. We will not be responsible for every time personal attendant services by any of hotel or transportation staff as availed. Its advised , to show your own humanity with them and get the services as best they can do for you. It’s a totally personal behavior matter.
  6. We will not be responsible for fooding / meal services in after / early hours as declared by the hotel , you staying. It’s always advised you to take the proper knowledge about your break fast, lunch & dinners hours etc. its their own policy.
  7. We will not be responsible for your requirements of your booked room(s) in any hotel , if you reach there in early hours (before check out timings of any hotel), you have to wait according to the situation. Its always advised you be there almost on time and please have patience for some time (as given by the hotel team) only and co-operate them also , same you expect from them, you can get the better services during your holidays there. Please don’t forget its your own humanity.
  8. We will not be responsible for any kind of unauthorized services / entries in your hotel room –which is not permitted by hotel by laws. Its advised you to ask, request or follow the rules of particular hotel , where you are staying. Don’t forget it can be easily done by mutual understanding between you & hotel.
  9. We will not be responsible for 100% on time services ,as its depending on the situations there in any destination, which is not expected . so its always advised you to please make your habit to be as early as possible to enjoy your travel / holidays etc. please don’t forget , its you only- who can manage much better than other assisting you. Our aim to provide you the best on time services but sometimes it seems not possible due to un-expected conditions there. So will always be in need your patience, calm & of course humanity.
  10. We will not be responsible for any of changes in your holidays itinerary or in hotel rooms up gradation or change of rooms or date settings etc. once finalized means, we are helpless to help you out in that case. So, please be ensured & confirmed about your all the dates , rooms with decided category etc. and follow the rules of hotels. Of course something can be done at your own end by mutually understanding between you & hotel.
  11. We will not be responsible for any type of shopping made by you for any of product quality , amount , discounts etc. its always advised you : only buy which is the typical item of that particular place , which can not found easily from any other place . Apply your own mind before purchasing of any items. We only can suggest you the authorized shops –which sells good quality products and somehow we can take the guarantee also but process might be little higher than others.


Our main motive is just to provide & serve the most economical & affordable package tour solutions for everyone, anytime, anywhere, across the world, especially in INCREDIBLE INDIA .

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